Theme Park Project Part 4: Blaine The Mono

Check Out the map of MidWorld in the Theme Park Project Part 5:
Dark Tower Map 

I have also recently updated the midworld project here is the newest version

*Updated Mid World Map*

(I have recently finished this to the point of what for now will be considered completion. It is currently in the art show so when that comes down Ill get better pictures and post the revised edition. I also added some new stuff to the Blaine the Mono drawing.)

This drawing consists of Two drawings, One an Illustration of a ride in the theme park, and an Orthographic of some important piece of equipment used in the ride.

For those of you unfamiliar with the books, Blaine the Mono is one of two trams that run from the city of Lud. Patricia (a pink Monorail) and Blaine. Patricia I believe is somehow sabotaged by Blaine (i cant remember) but Blaine is basically HAL from 2001 a space odyssey.

The machinery in Rolands world seems to be breaking down, and Blaine is no exception. The Gang escapes on Blaine as the horde of the waring "grays" and "pubes". Blaine takes them through the waste lands that lie beyond LUD, but the moment of safety is short lived, because the party finds out that Blaine intends to kill himself and everyone on board.

Their only chance of escape is to stump him with a riddle. The book ends as the party is trying to come up with a riddle to stump Blaine, but he has easily answered all the riddles thus far and the destination on the map is getting closer... it took Stephen King 5 or 6 years to finish and release the fourth book... a very very long cliff hanger indeed. So here is my rendition of what Blaine would look like.

Sketches of Blaine, the front gate, and some other structures that never made it into the finale theme park drawing.

First sketch of the Blaine the Mono ride Illistration.

The first draft of the illistration

The second Draft, you can see I moved some monsters and removed my crappy mock up of blaine the mono

My first attempt at rendering Blaine the Mono

My second Attempt at rendering Blaine the Mono

The finished illustration with the second rendered attempt on Blaine the mono. By drawing the mono on a separate sheet of paper I knew I could use a light table to transfer it (even though I find the transferring of drawings VIA light table to lack something). This would help save on erasing and the possibility of ripping the paper.

The transferred and Finale Image
You can see that the Mono came out a bit squished and flat. I will eventually go back and fix it, but due to time this is where it was left. If you enlarge this image you can see in the background the Mountains and Woods that the party first enters into in book three. These were added after the class but were always intended to be there.

And here is the Finale Orthographic of Blaine the Mono.
Think it looks pretty good. I think the only one I dislike is the Back view.

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