The Dark Tower Theme Park (Revisited)

By far the most popular pages on this blog are the Blaine the Mono drawing, and the Dark Tower Theme park. I get 5 - 10 hits a day just for those drawings. Not that people are searching out these drawings in particular but rather they are searching certain key phrases for the dark tower and they eventually stumble onto these in google image search. I am not complaining Ill take traffic however I can get it.

So I did a Google search of the key phrases used to find my drawings to see how far back people had to dig, and I was pleasantly surprised.

When searching:
 - "Blaine the Mono" - The first two pages have my drawings on them
 - "Dark Tower Theme Park" - The first thing that comes up is my drawings (yay!)
 - "Stephen King Blaine the Mono" - Images in the first row
 - " Dark Tower Park" - First row or two
 - "The Dark Tower" - I have yet to find my drawings, I think I got bored after page sixteen thousand. How anyone finds my stuff from this search is beyond me... I mean they must have a ton of time to blow.

So, since I do get so many wandering dark tower fans, and since I changed the drawing to be closer to what I had originally envisioned. I feel an overwhelming urge to make sure people are seeing the better more complete version. There are a few things that still bug me, but I am never going to change them, so I am putting it behind glass and I am calling it done. Perhaps sometime in the future I'll revisit this idea, but it will have to be a completely new drawing. This version is done.

Finished Dark Tower Theme Park Drawing:


Old Version:

The Calla was finally added with the rivers off to the left

and the front gate was spiffed up a little bit


  1. I love maps of fictional worlds (Narnnia, OZ, middle0earth) and have never found any fan-maps or official maps of Mid-world... this isn't really a Map, but it's great. you should try to add very high res versions... the big version on your site is plenty big, but i'd still love to look at all the smaller elements full screen size.

  2. Hey thanks sam,

    I would love to put together a large file of this up so that one could zoom in and get a look at stuff. The only problem is time really, that and I think I get too critical of the drawing when you get a close look at it flaws start to pop up. I blame that on time, and my inexperience with drawing, but it would be cool, despite flaws.

    I was even thinking at some point I would actually like to make a larger more organized version of this "map / theme park". I often look up at it (as it sits just above my desk) and think, hmmm if only I would have moved this here, or man I should have added this in...

    Well who knows, I have a feeling getting a larger file version so that you could zoom in and really see a lot of the finer little marks is far more likely to happen than me actually redrawing it at double the size.

    Thanks for stopping by, I will put a high res version on my to do list!

    and if you ever come by any other map of mid world stop by and let me know, I have often looked and was always surprised to see that none exist really.