After a week in California without internet I am anxious to finish posting all the pieces from my figure drawing class. This was done on the first and second class periods and took somewhere around 4 or 5 hours. The background was shaded at a later date and probably added another hour or two, I have been liking the use of small straight lines going in different directions to create not only the tone, but also some texture. I think it turned out well, and gave me confidence in my drawing ability, of which I was worried about not being able to compete with the rest of the intermediate drawing students. I think I held my own.

19x24 graphite on bristol


  1. Nice work, stud. I love the shade work...

  2. thanks dude! It is (I think) a lot more impressive in person, but I like it just because you really can see all the little etching. Which is something Im really into lately.