3D Design Projects 1

Just finished my second 3D design project. Took pictures before submitting it for grading, and just got the first one back so I will am able to show both at once.

The first project was to use rectilinier volumes to make three different unique forms. A dominate, subdominate, and subordinate. We had to come up with 9 distinct shapes that would work in 3 arrangments of three. From there we picked the best clay maquette, and used foam core board to enlarge it by 3 times.

Rectilinear Volume Project 1: We had twenty minutes to make nine shapes, twenty minutes to refine our shapes and pick the 3 best, and then 20 minutes to walk around the room exchange shapes for shapes until we had whatever we wanted. Once back at the table we were suppose to create 3 designs using 3 forms each. We had no tools to form the shapes and used only our hands.

Clay Maquettes:

Design 1: Towers

Design 2: Overhang

Design 3: Arm

The professor chose the third maquette for me to enlarge. Here is the end result (didn't get a shot of them side by side for size comparison but its three times as big I swear!):

The Second project was to make 8 curvalinier shapes and then take those 8 shapes and make two compositions. One of three, and the other of five. The professor selected whichever composition was the strongest, and then you were suppose to go out and find objects that could be: painted white, and would reflect the proper proportions (enlarged of course) from that of the maquette.

Here is the maquette:

and here is the finished product:

The cone is a party hat, I have two wood dowels of varying width, a ping-pong ball, and a rubber bouncy ball from some store. And a wood base.

Pretty decent resemblance.


My latest piece

Here is a piece that I just finished for my digital presentation class.This assignment was to blend a few images from the web and a few of our own images into a composition that was either depicting a graphical message of some sort, or a picture representing a simulacrum or hyper reality.

I went for the graphical representation. Here it is.

Photoshop Cs4
11x14 (click to see it larger a lot of detail lost at this level)


Second Week Of School

Its only week two and things are starting to heat up. You know you have bitten off more then you can chew when on the second week you start sweating deadlines and figuring out which corners you can cut. So far, all the corners seem to be uncutable. Dont worry, Ill find a way.

So for my Digital Presentation class we have just been going over photoshop and its tools. Photoshop is one program that I have spent the last 8 or 9 years using every day. This makes for really fast completion of projects, but I fear that once this weeks over and we move onto other things what the work load will be. I am unsure if I should post any of these projects because they are fairly simple. I will look them over again and if something is interesting then I will post them.

3D design is kind of odd. It has zero to do with 3d programs and is more about real life objects (think desk, ipod, computer tower, tables, cellphone). This is all done so far from clay and foam core board. I will post the first project after its done (due Friday hint hint should be working on that). After working with the clay and trying to sculpt objects I think I might enjoy the sculpting class I will have to take.

Color Theory is fun. I am lacking on my knowledge of colors and how they interact with each other, or how to use color really to benefit your design or drawing. This summer I read up a lot about color theory, I did some drawings from Conceptart.org (if you havent checked this site out you should, the forums are full of endless inspiration and tons of helpful techniques) and a book by betty edwards (I think thats her name cant remember hte book title either damn I suck). Anyway, we are making a color wheel which is pretty fun. And I am finally getting my first real taste of Acrylic paint. I still prefer oils, but I like them more now.

Gallery is only once a week but we have to go to art shows and hang art work. There are a few papers to write, but this class isn't too hard.

Philosophy of Art is one of those classes that you think will be cool, but its not really that cool. Tons of reading that is dry as burnt toast. There is a massive paper to write for this class and I cant even think about that. Other than that the class itself is not very hard, just time consuming. We watch a lot of youtube videos and stuff in class though so that part isnt bad.

Physical Antrhopology is not horrible, but it is a lot of reading. Reading in these classes are a huge time sink. Right now we are reading "Through a window" by Jane Goodall, and its interesting. Chimpanzees are interesting, and she doesn't write like a scientist. Its very easy to read.

Well come next week Ill have some projects to post. They wont be amazing, fairly basic stuff really, but Ill post them none the less.


School Has Started

So school has started once agian. First week is done yay!!! I think this term is going to be very exhausting for me, 3 studio art classes (3D design, Color Theory, Digital Presentation), a class dealing with showing art in Galleries, philosophy of art, and physical anthropology.

I just got done writing in all the due dates for all the projects in my little calendar. I start to hiperventilate when I see the amount of times multiple classes have "project due" falling on the same day. Oh well I love this shit.

So, I have the Dark Tower Tour done, but I think I made a huge mistake by not just posting it right away. Back then It was fresh and New and I was just in awe that I pulled that huge task off in the amount of time that I had to complete them. But now when I look those pictures I only see the flaws and things I dislike about it. It weird I am almost feel ashamed of it like, nothing looks good and its all just crap. I hate that Blaine is skinny in that one pic, the town doesn't look weathered enough (or at all), but I wasnt suppose to make it look weathered (I just think it should be), and sooo many things wrong with the actual map.

ughh... anyway, its not going to be posted until I can do something to make myself feel better about it.
But more projects will be coming down the pipeline. I have a few pieces I was working on over summer break, and obviously my classes will have work done in them.