Second Week Of School

Its only week two and things are starting to heat up. You know you have bitten off more then you can chew when on the second week you start sweating deadlines and figuring out which corners you can cut. So far, all the corners seem to be uncutable. Dont worry, Ill find a way.

So for my Digital Presentation class we have just been going over photoshop and its tools. Photoshop is one program that I have spent the last 8 or 9 years using every day. This makes for really fast completion of projects, but I fear that once this weeks over and we move onto other things what the work load will be. I am unsure if I should post any of these projects because they are fairly simple. I will look them over again and if something is interesting then I will post them.

3D design is kind of odd. It has zero to do with 3d programs and is more about real life objects (think desk, ipod, computer tower, tables, cellphone). This is all done so far from clay and foam core board. I will post the first project after its done (due Friday hint hint should be working on that). After working with the clay and trying to sculpt objects I think I might enjoy the sculpting class I will have to take.

Color Theory is fun. I am lacking on my knowledge of colors and how they interact with each other, or how to use color really to benefit your design or drawing. This summer I read up a lot about color theory, I did some drawings from Conceptart.org (if you havent checked this site out you should, the forums are full of endless inspiration and tons of helpful techniques) and a book by betty edwards (I think thats her name cant remember hte book title either damn I suck). Anyway, we are making a color wheel which is pretty fun. And I am finally getting my first real taste of Acrylic paint. I still prefer oils, but I like them more now.

Gallery is only once a week but we have to go to art shows and hang art work. There are a few papers to write, but this class isn't too hard.

Philosophy of Art is one of those classes that you think will be cool, but its not really that cool. Tons of reading that is dry as burnt toast. There is a massive paper to write for this class and I cant even think about that. Other than that the class itself is not very hard, just time consuming. We watch a lot of youtube videos and stuff in class though so that part isnt bad.

Physical Antrhopology is not horrible, but it is a lot of reading. Reading in these classes are a huge time sink. Right now we are reading "Through a window" by Jane Goodall, and its interesting. Chimpanzees are interesting, and she doesn't write like a scientist. Its very easy to read.

Well come next week Ill have some projects to post. They wont be amazing, fairly basic stuff really, but Ill post them none the less.

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