Isometric and Orthographic

For this project we were asked to render a robot or a space ship in Isometric projection (which basically means all angels are 30 or 45 degrees, at least on the main structure). Then we were asked to create an Orthographic of a piece of that robot or spaceship.

I am sure you have all seen an orthographic detail or plan before. The idea is to show a face of the object (front, back, top, bottom, left, right) and then relate those objects by width, height, or length. In an orthographic there is no depth. And each face is rendered as if you were looking at it at eye level straight on.

This was a really fun project to work on. I have tried to draw robots in the past and they were almost always really lame. Not that this one isnt lame or lacking a nice finish but it is leaps and bounds beyond anything else I had done.

When we were assigned this assignment I was a bit worried because I was no longer dealing with structures in the real world. Which I was getting sick of doing, but I think I had it down pretty well and I knew I could draw a structure, I wasn't so sure about a robot.

After class I sat there and looked up robots, tried to think of what kind of robot to draw, did some sketches that all blew. So I was sitting there thinking, what kind of robot should I draw? 50's robot? 70's robot? A robot from the future? what inspires me? I was starting to panic a bit, when it hit me.

Now The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is something that I just can never get enough of. I read through the books every few years (which drives the wife crazy) and not only is the story awesome, but the art that goes along with the hard backs is incredible.

Of course the Dark tower! So I said, I will draw a robot gunslinger. I went and downloaded some pictures of guns, pics of people dressed in the old west attire. You know the long coats, the hats, the chaps... etc etc. Then I started to draw my robot. After a quick sketch I ran into a problem. How would I draw the long coat? Why is a robot wearing a coat and a hat? should he have a hat? do the pistols come out of his legs like robocops did? Or are they built into his hands? Does he have ammo strapped across his chest?

I once again started to panic... I was out of my league. So I started to think more about the dark tower and I realized there was a robot in the books named Andy. Which the drawing in the books of Andy is not at all what I pictured the robot to look like. The head was all wrong. It looked almost apish, and I always pictured Andy to be a cross between the Tin Man from wizard of Oz and C3PO from star wars ( cant remember if stephen king describes him this way or not ).

Picture of Andy

Here is the finale drawing.

So I decided I would draw my version of Andy from the Dark Tower. I think I created a better head, however the body could be better. In the planning stage I had elaborate plans for the body, but as time closed in things began to simplify. Someday I would like to go back and redraw this and really explore more fully the legs.

My Isometric drawing was suppose to have a bit more detail but I was running out of time and had to start simplifying. But the Orthographic I think turned out pretty awesome. I chose to render the head of the robot.

The video contains some of the original sketches


Monumental Scale

In this project we were suppose to take something that is usually fairly small and then enlarge it to giant proportions.

This was probably the one drawing I wasn't very happy with, not in terms of execution, because I think it turned out fine. But I just wasn't really feeling this project for some reason, I think I was kind of burnt out with all these building drawings, and I picked an area that had basically a giant grid on the ground and I think that kind of hurt the drawing all together. Even though I thought a Yahtzee sized Monument would be pretty cool and original (seeing as how everyone was doing Ipods or flash drives in the form of buildings, fountains, or swimming pool).

I also screwed up the cup in terms of perspective It tips up instead of laying flat which is annoying to me, but I have no desire to change it.

The one shot of the work in progress

The finished Work

Closeup of the Yahtzee scorepad, dice, and massive giant fucking grid


Three Point Perspective

Here is the three point perspective I did for my drawing systems class.

I was looking at 30's skyscraper architecture, and was thinking I could draw a city scape with the empire state building as the focus. Eventually it changed from the Empire State Building to The Daily Planet.

Here is the Finale Pic

A pic of the drawing pre building that gets erased. You can see that the Daily Planet is sketched pretty skinny.

and here is the sketch of the building that gets erased.

The video has some of the pictures I used to base my buildings off of, as well as five or six of the work in progress. Which is only cool because you can see how different it was on first sketch. One building gets completely gutted even though I really liked it.


Oh Good For You! (Christian Bale voice)

Well my neighbors hit a new low. Instead of just bringing out their garbage cans four days early and taking up a whole parking space:

they now park there the rest of the week.....

fucking assholes...

I should start parking in their driveway.


Almost finished

This term is nearing completion. I am extremely tired, the tension to finish all projects by Friday is weighing down on me. I can feel the tension receding as class loads drop off, and at the same time the constriction as the hours and minutes continually tick away each moment wasted is one less I get to utilize.

Things are going as planned The beginning of last week was the most stressful, and now things are falling into place. Right now I have one major worry left and that is finishing up my drawing systems class. All term we have had to do one drawing per week, and in the last few weeks one major drawing and one minor. Now for this last week we have three major drawings due, and 3 minor ones due.

The three major drawings are to create a theme park, a picture of a ride and to show an orthographic view of a piece of the ride, and then a drawing of a few buildings.

I have decided to create my theme park based on The Dark Tower by Stephen King. The park is finished except a few pieces here and there. The ride is mostly done, and the orthographic view will be complete today. Now I just need to finish drawing some buildings. I think these drawings are pretty cool and I can hardly wait to have them finished and put them up here. That and all the other crap I have done.

I am finished with my painting of a landscape. i think it looks alright, I am getting better at painting but I still have a long way to go.

I gave my speech today and that went better then expected. People apparently liked it and as a persuasive speech apparently I was very persuasive. Who knows...

Two days left to wrap everything up. I love the pressure and hate the pressure.