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Currant state

Previous state

Another previous state

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Next painting

Started another painting today. Well that's not exactly true I have been planning and doing sketches and thumbnails for a few days but I started the actual painting a few hours ago.

15 x 45 ink, water color, water color pencil, gouache

Here are a few pics
Color sketches

Setting up the drawing

Starting the painting


The Eleventh Hour, final Pic

So hour eleven was simply spent taking photos hoping my crappy camera could get a decent one that I could use. I should have borrowed a better camera, but I was not thinking...oh well..

Got a decent one. Brought it into photoshop fixed some of the loss of color and sharpness. Also tilted the floor a bit more because it was not sitting right.

Anyway, here is the final pic

Update eleven

The last hour has come and gone but I did not have time to post so here it is.

Ten hours of painting finished

Final details. Scary creature head! He'll yes!!

Cozy seat, nice fire place and a mantel full of candles.

Less cozy seat complete with skull.

Lyssa the white witch.

She likes blue balls, feathers, and fur!

More candles and skulls nothing weird here at all!

Ok now It's time to take pics and fix any thing I need to digitally.

One hour left (actually the hours already happened but that ruins the story).

See you on the other side!

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Update ten

Quick update
Hour nine. Coming into the final stretch. About an hour left and then an hour to photograph it and make final adjustments digitally

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Update nine

Hour eight. Only have about three or four hours left to that i can work but I think I'm making good time.

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Update eight

Some pretty great things happened this hour. I felt like things started to feel a bit more resolved and the character of the things within the space revealed themselves.

I feel like I know the path forward and I am starting to see smaller things that need to be fixed rather than the whole painting feeling discombobulated.

Hour seven

Details of her costume are coming together

Face feels pretty solid

Trying to figure out the glow from the candles.

And maybe my favorite additions the red seat seems more plush and the fireplace rocks catching some light!

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Update seven

Day two hour six into the painting.

Some details

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Update six

Final update for night five hours in. Probably about the same amount tomorrow so we will see where it ends up.

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Work update five

Nights burning up and still a long ways to go.

Here's the painting after four hours.

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Work update four

Third hour of painting down

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Work part 3

Another hour and now time for a break

Work space

Second hour

Close up

Work part 2

So here is the progress so far on the piece about an hour in with oils

Forty minutes in

Hour in

Only on freak out this far!!!

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Working today

So I'm trying to get an illustration done I have till Sunday at midnight. Hopefully I can get it finished in time.

So as an experiment I thought I'd post my progress as I went through it.

Didn't take any pics of the drawing but I have thumbnails and I just toned my canvas.


Gouache color study

Final Drawing toned
7.5 x 12 illustration board

More updates to follow with hopefully a finished painting by Sunday at midnight