What The Fuck Moment

instead slowly read each line, that way when you get to the end hopefully you will have the same WTF reaction as I did

I found this on the internet today while looking for buildings for my three point perspective project coming up. I think the search was "buildings from pop culture" or "famous comic book buildings" because I wanted to add (in my imagined city scape) "The Daily Planet" or you know stuff like that just hidden within the vast city scape.

Either way when what I am about to show you popped up my mind was blown!

So, ok here I am searching through pages of famous buildings when on page 30 (or so) amongst all these buildings and stuff is a thumbnail of a sculpture of a lady clutching a bear head, naked, doing what appears to be waiting to be mounted from behind.

at first my mind reels, wtf is this. What does this have to do with my search result?

I have to click on it.

I get taken to a blog (which in its defense) is mostly about buildings and architecture. Then I find the post with this picture, and my mind is blown again because this sculpture is of a celebrity.


Here is the text of the post:
Daniel Edwards is a sculptor. His pieces address celebrity and popular culture in ways that have often stirred controversy.
His works include a sculpture of the disembodied head of Ted Williams, a life-sized statue of Britney Spears _____ ____
(removed two words for shock value later) nude on her hands and knees on a bearskin rug, a provocative bust of Senator Hillary Clinton, and a 25 foot bust of Fidel Castro.

DID YOU SEE THAT???? LIFE SIZED BRITNEY NAKED!!!! WOW INCREDIBLE RIGHT?!?! But thats not all folks!!! theres still that blank space I removed for shock value.

Any guesses on what those two words are?

If you guessed giving birth... then you would be correct.

Here is your reward!!!



One Point Perspective

After the Escher project we started on a one point perspective.

The rules were to take a photo of a clearly defined one point perspective. Then either work from the photo or draw on site to recreate that one point perspective. Include any organic elements, but remove all people.

I was pretty successful with this project. It took me somewhere in the neighbor hood of 10-15 hrs. The only problem with it is that its not really dark enough, and I forgot to take pictures of my progress... oh well

Here is the original image

Here is the finished project (click to enlarge)


Master Copy

So this is a master copy of one of Eschers drawings. It was the first assignment in my drawing systems class. I think I did pretty well considering I had not drawn anything since my last figure drawing class some years ago.

I started with the bell tower, and even grided the master copy so that I could more easily get proportion right.

This was the wrong way to go about it. I ended up scrapping this approach because trying to copy each square and figure out what the one and a quarter inch squares on the page meant to my two and three fourth inches on my page was just too time consuming. Plus everything was just way off, so I figured I would have better success by just doing an overall drawing and going from there.

The problem with that is that I had already done the bell tower and started working on these small details (which I've since learned to not jump into detail so quickly), and did not want to lose what I had already done. So I just took what I did, finished up the gesture realized there was no way I was going to fit everything from the Master onto my drawing. Yet my gesture was pretty close in terms of where actual lines ended up going down.

I think it turned out pretty good. It is obviously off here and there. I think after I finish putting on the shading some of that oddness will be covered up.

Here is a video of the process

and here is the finished piece (the file is pretty big so you can get a fairly good look at the detail if you click it)


I Call This An Update

I have been meaning to update the blog site for the last few days (or is it weeks now?), but have been unable to find a minute to actual sit down and write anything. School has been keeping me extremely busy. My weekends seem to be about a weeks worth of work trapped into two days. Throw the kid in on top of that and you're looking at a time management nightmare.

I Have an update about the stupid trash fiasco, but for dramatic effect I wanted to wait a bit before posting about it since the last few posts have been about those assholes.

I also have some drawings and other art crap that I have been churning out but I was wanting to wait till I could finish the shading on the first drawing piece, and darkening of some lines on the second. Which, would be cool to wait till those are finished, but its been 4 weeks in the making and in all honesty whats complete? I know I would end up spending a ton of time fixing whatever it is I want to fix, and then end up creating or finding six million other things that now bug me and need to be fixed before I could post about it. So I might as well just post what I have otherwise Ill be waiting till the end of the term before I can post anything.

I also just finished my first ever oil painting... my first painting of any kind ever (unless you count paint by numbers, in which case this would be painting 273). It was just returned to me and I could have brought it home, took a picture, and posted that but I decided to leave it at school in case I find some time to tweak the small annoying things... LOL... once again zero time to tweak so why I keep it there is beyond me.


Parking Space Whores

So last Sunday was Isaacs birthday. We had about twenty or so people here, mostly couples, so somewhere in the neighbor hood of ten or so cars. Maybe more...

Which of course sent my neighbors into a frenzy that we were taking up parking along the road and most importantly in front of their stupid piece of shit house.

So that Sunday night they decided to move their trash cans out (remember trash day is Tuesday morning and these people arent known to be proactive about anything in their sad pathetic lives) just to be fucking douche bags. Here is a picture of the cans, notice how they have their cans like eight feet from their driveway and basically take up a whole car worth of parking... what assholes

So these next pictures were from Monday night, the night every normal person puts out their cans. Notice how everyone on the left and right side of the street have their trashcans up on the curb? Yea not my dickhead neighbors... they always have to put them in the street so as to stop me or anyone from parking directly in front of their house.

This is Wednesday night, they moved two of their cans up the driveway but decided to leave the one. Thank god it was the one that was furthest from their driveway so as to continue to waste parking for everyone on the block... what parking space whores. They eventually moved it in Thursday morning.. what kind of crazy asshole do you have to be to be angry about people parking in front of your house? on a public road? on a road that only has parking on one side of the street?... what bitches