I Call This An Update

I have been meaning to update the blog site for the last few days (or is it weeks now?), but have been unable to find a minute to actual sit down and write anything. School has been keeping me extremely busy. My weekends seem to be about a weeks worth of work trapped into two days. Throw the kid in on top of that and you're looking at a time management nightmare.

I Have an update about the stupid trash fiasco, but for dramatic effect I wanted to wait a bit before posting about it since the last few posts have been about those assholes.

I also have some drawings and other art crap that I have been churning out but I was wanting to wait till I could finish the shading on the first drawing piece, and darkening of some lines on the second. Which, would be cool to wait till those are finished, but its been 4 weeks in the making and in all honesty whats complete? I know I would end up spending a ton of time fixing whatever it is I want to fix, and then end up creating or finding six million other things that now bug me and need to be fixed before I could post about it. So I might as well just post what I have otherwise Ill be waiting till the end of the term before I can post anything.

I also just finished my first ever oil painting... my first painting of any kind ever (unless you count paint by numbers, in which case this would be painting 273). It was just returned to me and I could have brought it home, took a picture, and posted that but I decided to leave it at school in case I find some time to tweak the small annoying things... LOL... once again zero time to tweak so why I keep it there is beyond me.

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