Parking Space Whores

So last Sunday was Isaacs birthday. We had about twenty or so people here, mostly couples, so somewhere in the neighbor hood of ten or so cars. Maybe more...

Which of course sent my neighbors into a frenzy that we were taking up parking along the road and most importantly in front of their stupid piece of shit house.

So that Sunday night they decided to move their trash cans out (remember trash day is Tuesday morning and these people arent known to be proactive about anything in their sad pathetic lives) just to be fucking douche bags. Here is a picture of the cans, notice how they have their cans like eight feet from their driveway and basically take up a whole car worth of parking... what assholes

So these next pictures were from Monday night, the night every normal person puts out their cans. Notice how everyone on the left and right side of the street have their trashcans up on the curb? Yea not my dickhead neighbors... they always have to put them in the street so as to stop me or anyone from parking directly in front of their house.

This is Wednesday night, they moved two of their cans up the driveway but decided to leave the one. Thank god it was the one that was furthest from their driveway so as to continue to waste parking for everyone on the block... what parking space whores. They eventually moved it in Thursday morning.. what kind of crazy asshole do you have to be to be angry about people parking in front of your house? on a public road? on a road that only has parking on one side of the street?... what bitches

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  1. Keep me posted in this story. Not only does it boggle the mind, I want to know when more can activity has occurred!