Tuesday Is Trash Day

I woke up this morning to find that my bitchy neighbors across the street had decided to put their cans in such a way so as they surrounded my car. I dont know what massive huge pole is stuck up their A holes but man what kind of Dick Head does this?!

Usually they just put one can in front of my car, and not like in the five foot space in front of the car, but like 2 inches in front of my bumper leaving the other 4' 10" empty. One morning I was on my way to work and had to move their can off my front bumper because a car had parked behind me (mind you this was like on a Thursday no reason for the fucking can to be hanging out in the street in front of my car for two days). I didnt see the smoking gargoyle sitting in the dark on the swing (you can kind of see the swing she sits on in the picture) as i moved the can, she jumped up and we got into a verbal argument at lik 5:30am, where she told me to never touch her cans again, and I explained to her that there was plenty of space for her not to put her cans inches away from my bumper and that it was a thursday morning at 5:30 and that this was a public street. I stood my ground, but worried my car tires would be flat the next morning. But it never happened.

Anyway, this is a first with the double cans, inches away from my bumper. I guess to be fair the back garbage can is a foot away from my bumper. So for me to leave without touching, moving, or hitting the cans would only take a fifty point turn (maybe more).

We have had numerous problems with these freak jobs. Once they almost ran over rachel when backing out of their driveway, and even sped up when they saw they were getting close to her.

And there have been several allegations of tire flattenings...
it has never happened to our car but I have heard tales from others.

I only wish I had the balls to put my trash cans in their driveway right behind their car. Or sometimes I want to get into my car and just pedal to the medal right over one of their cans, go around the block, then hit the other can doing sixty.

but i dont want to hurt my car. Plus im trying to sale the damn thing. I wish I could sale my neighbors.

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