Spring Cleaning

In preparation for the summer, and summer beers, I decided to finally take back the bottles from this winter. So I ventured downstairs to the basement to clean out my stash of bottles and cans. Well, when I saw the rows and stacks of empties I decided against taking them back and instead just bought more beer in hopes that I would formulate a good enough plan on what to do with my mountain of bottles.

So I called Jim and asked him if he wanted my bottles. Which he did!

Thank god he brought his truck!


  1. Where in the hell did you store all that stuff! That must be like $100 worth of bottles! We separate our 'worthless' recycling from our bottles and cans. We have about 3 or 4 friends that swing by looking for our box of gold every sunday!

  2. My basement is now a lot bigger...
    I think jim made like 120 bucks or something, and some of them I guess he couldnt take back anywhere, stupid machines! I have already begun a new wall of beer! In a few short months maybe Jim will swing by again.