Beach House Bitch!

We went to the coast this weekend and there was a huge storm. The hail was pounding the windows as if a whole legion of punk teenagers were standing outside shooting fully automatic pellet guns at the house non stop. The wind was also quite crazy, I saw a witch go flying off in a twister but no one believed me.

My sister Crystal stopped by to visit us since she wont be able to make it to Isaacs party next week. It is crazy that he is already turning one....

Allisa, Mark, and Jack also came down for a night and the boys got to play. I can remember as a little kid being able to play with my cousins was like the highlight of my year, usually I got to stay the night, but if I didnt then usually we would beg for five more minutes each time my parents said it was time to go. Which usually turned into like another half hour. I cant believe that Isaac will be doing stuff like that.

Anyway, here are some shots of the windy beach. Click on them they are fairly big pics.

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