Monumental Scale

In this project we were suppose to take something that is usually fairly small and then enlarge it to giant proportions.

This was probably the one drawing I wasn't very happy with, not in terms of execution, because I think it turned out fine. But I just wasn't really feeling this project for some reason, I think I was kind of burnt out with all these building drawings, and I picked an area that had basically a giant grid on the ground and I think that kind of hurt the drawing all together. Even though I thought a Yahtzee sized Monument would be pretty cool and original (seeing as how everyone was doing Ipods or flash drives in the form of buildings, fountains, or swimming pool).

I also screwed up the cup in terms of perspective It tips up instead of laying flat which is annoying to me, but I have no desire to change it.

The one shot of the work in progress

The finished Work

Closeup of the Yahtzee scorepad, dice, and massive giant fucking grid

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