Almost finished

This term is nearing completion. I am extremely tired, the tension to finish all projects by Friday is weighing down on me. I can feel the tension receding as class loads drop off, and at the same time the constriction as the hours and minutes continually tick away each moment wasted is one less I get to utilize.

Things are going as planned The beginning of last week was the most stressful, and now things are falling into place. Right now I have one major worry left and that is finishing up my drawing systems class. All term we have had to do one drawing per week, and in the last few weeks one major drawing and one minor. Now for this last week we have three major drawings due, and 3 minor ones due.

The three major drawings are to create a theme park, a picture of a ride and to show an orthographic view of a piece of the ride, and then a drawing of a few buildings.

I have decided to create my theme park based on The Dark Tower by Stephen King. The park is finished except a few pieces here and there. The ride is mostly done, and the orthographic view will be complete today. Now I just need to finish drawing some buildings. I think these drawings are pretty cool and I can hardly wait to have them finished and put them up here. That and all the other crap I have done.

I am finished with my painting of a landscape. i think it looks alright, I am getting better at painting but I still have a long way to go.

I gave my speech today and that went better then expected. People apparently liked it and as a persuasive speech apparently I was very persuasive. Who knows...

Two days left to wrap everything up. I love the pressure and hate the pressure.

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