School Has Started

So school has started once agian. First week is done yay!!! I think this term is going to be very exhausting for me, 3 studio art classes (3D design, Color Theory, Digital Presentation), a class dealing with showing art in Galleries, philosophy of art, and physical anthropology.

I just got done writing in all the due dates for all the projects in my little calendar. I start to hiperventilate when I see the amount of times multiple classes have "project due" falling on the same day. Oh well I love this shit.

So, I have the Dark Tower Tour done, but I think I made a huge mistake by not just posting it right away. Back then It was fresh and New and I was just in awe that I pulled that huge task off in the amount of time that I had to complete them. But now when I look those pictures I only see the flaws and things I dislike about it. It weird I am almost feel ashamed of it like, nothing looks good and its all just crap. I hate that Blaine is skinny in that one pic, the town doesn't look weathered enough (or at all), but I wasnt suppose to make it look weathered (I just think it should be), and sooo many things wrong with the actual map.

ughh... anyway, its not going to be posted until I can do something to make myself feel better about it.
But more projects will be coming down the pipeline. I have a few pieces I was working on over summer break, and obviously my classes will have work done in them.

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