3D Design Projects 1

Just finished my second 3D design project. Took pictures before submitting it for grading, and just got the first one back so I will am able to show both at once.

The first project was to use rectilinier volumes to make three different unique forms. A dominate, subdominate, and subordinate. We had to come up with 9 distinct shapes that would work in 3 arrangments of three. From there we picked the best clay maquette, and used foam core board to enlarge it by 3 times.

Rectilinear Volume Project 1: We had twenty minutes to make nine shapes, twenty minutes to refine our shapes and pick the 3 best, and then 20 minutes to walk around the room exchange shapes for shapes until we had whatever we wanted. Once back at the table we were suppose to create 3 designs using 3 forms each. We had no tools to form the shapes and used only our hands.

Clay Maquettes:

Design 1: Towers

Design 2: Overhang

Design 3: Arm

The professor chose the third maquette for me to enlarge. Here is the end result (didn't get a shot of them side by side for size comparison but its three times as big I swear!):

The Second project was to make 8 curvalinier shapes and then take those 8 shapes and make two compositions. One of three, and the other of five. The professor selected whichever composition was the strongest, and then you were suppose to go out and find objects that could be: painted white, and would reflect the proper proportions (enlarged of course) from that of the maquette.

Here is the maquette:

and here is the finished product:

The cone is a party hat, I have two wood dowels of varying width, a ping-pong ball, and a rubber bouncy ball from some store. And a wood base.

Pretty decent resemblance.

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