Art Show Card

In my gallery class for our final exam we are suppose to put on an art show. I am only slightly (sarcasm) stressed out. I worry I wont have enough quality pieces to fill up the space. I have alleviated a bit of this stress by asking one of my fellow students (Huacho Zhou) to join the show with me, but still, I worry that my work is all crap. She on the other hand is ridiculously good. Which of course adds more stress because now I have to at least be on par with her amazing pieces. Cross your finger folks!

Anyway, part of this process is to develop a show card to promote the show. So here is mine.
While this show is going to be going on, and my works will be being displayed, this isn't really an official show. So no one should feel obligated to come see this for any reason. Plus, I will be posting pictures once the show is set up you can view them here. **

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