Theme Park Project Part 1: The Dark Tower Theme Park

The final project is extremely large so I will need to break it up into a few posts.

For the final project we were asked to create a theme park that does not currently exist. It could be anything we could imagine as long as we were constant with the theme and were successful in producing and maintaining that theme.

For this project we were asked to do 4 drawings.
1. A map of our theme park
2. an illustration of a ride in our theme park
3. an orthographic of a component of the ride
4. a street view of the main town or main street of your theme park

Drawings 2-4 had to have height and ratio measurements.

When we first started the class we were told about this project so we could put some thought into our idea early on. We didn't know what kind of drawings we had to do, but just that we had to come up with a theme. When first presented with this task I thought perhaps I could do a theme park called "Rock Legends" or something and it would be... well I dont know... a rock theme park.

However, after drawing my robot and being presented with the theme park idea again I realized that I was going to scrap the "rock legends" theme and instead try to make a Dark Tower theme park.

I wanted to incorporate all the major places and events in my theme park so I immediately started sketching ideas and referencing the books so as to get as many places as I could down. I also had the task of trying to combine all these places into a single map.

Over the next few posts I am going to put up the drawings and sketches and then I will finally have published all of my drawing systems work.

After that I have the paintings I did over the term that I want to post. Even though my painting ability is... well not very good. I think they turned out ok for never having painted before, but there are some real issues with my paintings. You will see...

I also want to post the drawing system blog winners. So every week the professor would take the top three drawings and put them up on the blog. It was my goal to be on the blog as often as possible. It also is cool to see not only my work but my other class mates work as well.

stay tuned!

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