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I have a few audio clips that I want to upload. This is something I have wanted to do for a long while now, but haven't had the chance.

These are a few clips from the Howard Stern show:

Kevin Nealon on crank yankers.
In this clip Kevin calls a gym and is asking about a trainer. Whenever the lady on the phone tries to answer one of his questions he immediately starts talking over her. It is pretty funny and worth a listen.

Jim Breuer Interview:
Now for me I didn't know too much about Jim Breuer other then he was on SNL, and the great movie Half Baked. I didn't ever really think about Breuer or if he was funny or not. It was awhile ago that I first heard him on Howard Stern and in that interview I came away thinking he was funny but it wasnt until this interview that I realized how really great Breuer is. His impressions and stories are so awesome and mind blowing. If you do anything, at least listen to his dave chapelle stories toward the end of the interview. truly incredible! I think his Tracy Morgan impression is probably his weakest, but the others are spot on.

When downloading or streaming its the GREEN download button you want. There is an advertisement on the page that says download just above the real download. Bastards!

Download Jim Breuer Interview

Stream Jim Breuer Interview

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