Theme Park Project Part 3: Main Street of Tull

So just like Disneyland, when you enter The Dark Tower Theme Park, you enter into a town. This town also happens to be the first town Roland (the protagonist (of sorts) of the dark tower series) enters in the books.

This drawing is basically a Plan, or Elevation drawing (just the fronts of the buildings) to show what the buildings look like, the height, etc etc.

Also because this is a systems drawing class there is no shading, color, or any of that jazz so it is hard to show how distressed and old the wood is without muddying up my drawing. So, the idea is basically its an Old West town, think of an aged Deadwood, but just as tough and rowdy as it is shown in the HBO series with the same name.

Ok so here is the left side of the street in Tull. In the background you can see the Misty Mountains off in the distance. The three buildings are a hotel, a grocer or good store of some kind, and a tavern.

(click to enlarge) (P.S. all photos on this blog should be
clicked on to truly get a sense of the piece)

Here are the close ups of the buildings

you will notice that there is a large blank square above the top windows. This would be the hotels name or whatever, but to include lettering would mean that I would need to include lettering everywhere and there was no time to entangle myself in that aspect of this project as well.

I do plan to go back and actually add the signs to the buildings, probably add color, maybe even do a full rendering of the whole town.

Merchant Store:

Tavern (which I can't remember if this place had a name or not):
Of the three buildings this was the only one that was even mentioned in the book, and I don't know even how much it is described, so don't get all pissey if it isn't absolutely correct.

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