This drawing started out as just a posed model who was lit. We were asked to take the drawing and transform him into an android of some kind, and whenever I think of androids I think of C3PO, and Star Wars. I decided I wanted to have a whole android scrap yard environment.

 The Scrap Yard 18 x 24 Graphite on Bristol

There are some issues with light, but for a first attempt at an environment with multiple light sources I think I did alright.  I like the idea of all these small pools of light in a large room.

I think one of the coolest things was the amount of detail I found myself adding to the robots. 

 This wheel guy was pretty fun to come up with, at first he was suppose to be sitting on a scooter or something, but I couldn't draw that, or I was just too lazy.

 I chopped off his feet because I didn't want to deal with them.

Look at all the inner workings of this fine machine!!! Why would anyone just let this thing rot on some strings?

 Look at that cool looking robot behind that big thing! He has shades on!...but he is obsolete so he is worthless.

Is that a star wars-ish door or what?

I love the hanging figures and the doctors and stuff in the window. But what I love more is that the stairs are like five hundred times the size of the doctors. And why are there doctors? I mean its suppose to be a scrap yard, why do we need doctors hanging around?

Well because they are scientists who just happen to look like doctors of course!

which, I guess leads me to the next question: Why are scientists spending any sort of time doing anything with old scrap?

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