Self Portrait

I have been incredibly busy this term, I mean like... zero time. The term is closing in on finished, and I haven't even posted one thing from the current roster of classes. Not only that, but I still have a self portrait from my summer drawing class to post.

I will post soon enough, I just have to finish the time lapse of the self portrait

well shit... maybe Ill just post it now, and then do the time lapse of the drawing later.
hhmmmmm can you call it time lapse if its just pictures of the drawing in progress at random points? Or does time lapse speak directly to the idea that you are seeing actual time tick away albeit in a sped up format?

Well these questions should be left to scientists because I havent an answer.

Here it is, with a slight blue cast to it!

19 x 24 charcoal on bristol

oh wow look at that! its one day before its been a month since my last post!

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