Drawing Part 1

I am really late posting all this, It was.... an interesting break... Anyway, all these photos have been laying around just waiting to be posted. So I figured now is probably a good time to do that since it wont be long before I am knee deep in all my art classes this term.

The drawing class I had last term started off just drawing still lifes. I felt bored at first, almost annoyed, but then the class took an interesting turn, in that, we started to focus on perception of depth, and mark making. These are some drawings from the first part of the class. I post these not because they are good or interesting or anything special. In fact I would rather skip this phase of the class, but I think it offers a good contrast of my growth and understanding of drawing.

So here they are:

 A quick Five minute sketch on news print. We were looking at quickly identifying a composition and being able to bang it out quickly.

 This drawing makes me want to vomit... my understanding of spacial relationships and tonal value is just... horrid. I hate you drawing!

 While slightly better it still is horrid. There is this crumply looking thing in between the bottles. that... is suppose to be a paper bag. Which was LIGHT! when I was drawing it. How it ended up this muddy is beyond me.... failure.

 Line drawings and value drawing. While some of it is decent, there really is such a lack of... drawing ability.

 Hey its a line drawing, without any variation in line quality... fail


 While this drawing is sort of good in the texture of it (minus the stupid pitcher that I didnt finish) There still is a lack of understanding in how to... well, everything exists flatly, and there is no variation of value

 Hey look apples!

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