Lady Laura

Here are a few drawings of Laura from my Summer drawing class.

19 x 24 charcoal on Bristol

who knows how big this is, I jacked this drawing up by placing her too low on the paper. So I cut her out and added a black boarder because I thought that would detract from my poor choices...

This drawing is on blue paper with a light charcoal and white chalk and pencil. I have experimented in the past with white on toned paper and it always turns into a giant mess. This however, turned out to be fairly successful. I actually really like it. I don't know if it comes across as well in a picture than in real life, but I feel good having accomplished a decent drawing with toned paper, charcoal, and chalk.

22 x 24 Light Blue paper, Medium Charcoal, white chalk, Graphite, and White Color Pencil.

A couple of close ups of the body, it is slightly blurry, but I love the way her breast looks in this with that light just ever so slightly catching the top of it. I think I drew her legs pretty well, I also like the way the foot digs into the folds of the cloth

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