Mobster Drawing (inProgress)

Working on a new drawing, wanted to post some of the developmental renderings, even though I have a lot of other work to post. This will be gone over with pen and ink, which I love, but it makes me a little sad because I am really digging the tone and pencil marks.

Part 1: create a character, and develop a character sheet, has to have 3 or 4 facial expressions, plus a front view, side view, back view, and 3/4 view of your character.

Started with facial expressions, nervous about getting the proportions of the model turning correct. Have yet to draw a subject from more than one angle and keep it consistent.

I do however, like to draw faces!  What expression is this, inquisitive? Maybe over hearing something? or someone has just addressed him who has no business addressing him "ehh, yea, who are ya?"

 Expression: Just got some good news!

Expression: ummm... this is... him with sunglasses and hat...or rather it will be

Expression: Just got some bad news!

Model Sheet Part 2:

 Ok, I rocked it... oops! I somehow managed to draw the character in what appears to be pretty close measurements and proportions to each other! Worked some more on both the faces with glasses. The model sheet ended sooner then I thought so I drew his hat and his weapon of choice a hammer.

"ehhh, work on me some more kid"

 Well it is coming along, still a little awkward here and there.

This looks contemplative to me. Yea?

My eye is weird please fix that, thank u

All four poses

Front, 3/4 view

Side, Back view

Hat, Hammer

Part 2 Illustration.  After creating our character we had to illustrate them in an environment. Here is the beginnings of that.

Taking place in a bathroom stall. Going to graphite the room up, theres a guy on the floor just below him about to recieve a blow to the head with the hammer. Not sure how I feel about it so far. Trying to decide if bathroom really works. Was thinking I could put them in a dark construction site and they would be illuminated from a spot light, and add a few in the background revealing the frames of the walls etc etc. But who knows.

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