Once Again

I have to apologize, this term has been the most insane term of all. I hope to put some stuff up soon, but I honestly do not know when that will be. I have so much to report and not enough time. I think out of all terms and years this has been my most productive, and I think my work has actually hit a level of sophistication.

There are a lot of pretty decent art works being created. I had a show recently, got accepted for a show in Japan, and got two works put into the student show that opens this Monday. I have been overwhelmed but there are only a few weeks left. I know I have been slow about posting, and I am back logged, but I will get all of it posted and there are some really nice things being produced. I am actually pretty excited for the summer because I have a few ideas for a series.

For now just words, but hopefully soon some cool art.

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