Art Dump of Art Firsts (or fists)

These were just laying around so I decided I should post them, they dont deserve their own entry but perhaps all together they deserve some sort of mention. This is mostly a lot of new media stuff I was trying. Well besides the charcoal and oil paintings of fists, but I had yet to do skin tones (and by that I mean skin tones that were half way human, these are at least getting there)

Boom in your face! Oil hands!

This is a gouache painting on yupo paper. Just for the record I HATE YUPO PAPER!!!, I mean maybe I just didnt understand how to use it with gouache, but it drove me crazy the constant smearing of the pigment. I blamed the gouache at first, but I have since tried gouache on normal FRIGGIN paper and I like that a lot. Actually really like how fast gouache is on normal paper, been working on some stuff, hopefully will be done soon!

Charcoal skull, black paper... you know... good times, oh wait no this is colored pencil... my bad.

Encaustics, WHO CARES! I really hated wasting my time on painting with wax, im sure some people can get some really nice stuff out of wax painting, but seriously... what a waste of time, nevermind that they arent very good, but I could have spent those two or three weeks actually painting something or actually learning something with OIL paints or any kind of paint... but WAX? ugh, I should melt them down and maybe I can somehow utilize the board underneath.

 good bye encaustics you will never be missed.... ever... I promise

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