Book #1

Wow, the term is finally over, my mind still hums ready to create, but alas it gets to have a break.

Of course now I have to post the rest of my stuff from last term so that I can post stuff from this term. The term I just finished I had some really cool drawings that I really can't wait to post, but I told myself I had to finish posting stuff from last term before I did this term.... so here we go

Ok so, last term in Intermediate 2d we had to create a few books. The first book did not have any structure, it was more like a set of fifteen things to try (like cut holes in a page to reveal a page behind it, or mark up the paper and then add water color on top of it to show the marks, or make a collage of text, or a collage of color, etc etc). So the only reason it was a book was because it was bound together. Otherwise the pages had no continuity. And I only share it because a few pages within the book actually helped to create the second....

So here it is, in order, but without pages that were boring, or had no bearing on the second book:

Hey a door on a beach....I wonder where I got this idea from....

And look it opens to reveal a colorful abyss behind it

Marks and Color

Holes again, with color behind it

A page with color weeeeeee

Hey coffee splatters! are you not glad you are reading this right now!?! Totally worth your time!


Circles, planets...dots...whatever

Ok this page directly inspired the next book.

How quaint...

It gets better next book! I promise...or maybe I don't.....hmmm

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