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I finally have some stuff to post from my summer drawing class. These aren't the most exciting pieces but I figure I'll start with the worst of the lot and move up from there.

This was from the first day of class, the instructor wanted us to take our drawings and start drawing circles over the areas that were circles. I liked my drawing too much to just start circling crap on it so I thought I would do an overlay on top of this drawing to get the same effect. Turns out the instructor hated this idea and she gave me an F. I was slightly shocked to get an F, but whatever, at least I didn't ruin a drawing for circles.

Here is the circle drawing

and here they are combined
 so you can see the effect of the overlay

some plane studies

this class was pretty weird. We drew a model and then after we were done we were told to go add a skeletal structure underneath it. I found this difficult because the model is slightly in a sitting position. I felt that perhaps we should have had two class periods to work on this project. One of the model, and then one with a skeleton propped up in a similar position. Anyway, the hip is totally out of whack, but perhaps correctness wasn't the main purpose of the project as I didn't fail this one even though it is kind of wonky.

Liked this one, there was no time to plan a composition we were just suppose to see how it turned out and I think it works for the most part.

Hands, I really hate that super dark hand, don't ask what I was thinking....

I do, however, like this rendering of my hand.

My feet, yay...

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