Music for inspiration

It has been a little slow in terms of drawing and getting stuff done. I have a process post in the works, and it seems to have stalled and is currently dead. I will finish it, but it requires a few tasks for me to do and to be honest, I am completely lazy. I do however have a few drawings in the works, one of which I think is turning out really well and I even took pictures every half hour so I can put together some sort of time lapse thing.

So since I have nothing really to post I thought I would post some music that I usually listen to while drawing.
In no particular order

Pinback: I've loved rob crowe and his bands for ever, but pinback is probably the best of all his bands. I love how busy the music is, all the instruments and vocals seem to compete by doing their own thing, and yet the result is a perfectly blended chaos. This clash of all instruments and sweet melodic vocals are simply incredible, and this style of music is something I am drawn to again and again. As you will see if you listen to any of this stuff.

Phoenix: whats not to like? Who wants to buy or drive a Volkswagen?

The Black Keys: Probably the best rock band I have heard in years. These two guys are just simply incredible. They have like six or seven albums and if you like one you'll like them all. They have such a distinct bluesy sound...it is incredible, RUSH OUT AND BUY THEIR ALBUMS RIGHT NOW!!! Some of their earlier stuff actually reminds me a bit of Hendrix (not a Hendrix fanatic so dont write me letters it just reminds me of Hendrix)... Seriously stop reading this blog and go out and buy an album by the black keys, you wont be disappointed!

Blackroc: The Black Keys team up with well known rappers to make a pretty hot little album

Passion Pit: a great mix of electronic 80s and rock, plus the hot use of falsetto.

Broken Social Scene: Apparently they have been around forever, but I learned about them on Jimmy Fallon. This is Isaacs new favorite song. He sings along to the high pitch little scream the guy does and will sit there and watch the video over and over again, he even recognizes it if you just put it on without telling him. He loves it! Good thing his favorite song has the word bitches in the title...

Broken Bells: James Mercer lead singer from the shins and Brian Burton (danger mouse) collaborate for this pretty cool band

Dr. Dog: Great Band ever with the worst band name ever! sound a bit like "the Band" at times, with some great bass lines, second only to the black keys.

MGMT: Similar to passion pit and phoenix in the electronic 80s, techno dance music.


  1. Hmmm, my original post didn't seem to stick...Awesome post! I have seen four of these bands recently and all were amazing shows. I had heard of The Black Keys but never listened to them and now I am hooked!

  2. yea they are incredible, their show sold out in portland in like a minute. But they added another night, but that sold out too... bastards, the only place on their tour that sold out...portland..

    so which four bands did you see? mgmt, phoenix, and pinback? and broken bells?

  3. You got it, although, being honest, it was the Shins we saw, so it has to be three and a half to be accurate!

  4. Hey thanks for the blog comment! An artist friend of mine who has watched me draw says that the most impressive thing about watching me draw figures what I leave out.

    One thing I notice is the amount of wasted strokes people use in their quick drawings... Try to get it right with every stroke instead of hesitant retracing or loose concentration...

    Richard Schmid says "Loose is how a paint should look, not how it was executed."