My First Drawing Classes

Ok I found them! So here they are. Sorry for the quality of the pictures some are blurry (I'll have to retake these photos someday). All of these drawings came from two classes: Beginning Drawing and/or Figure Drawing, from Lane Community College in 2004.

First real drawing, all things before this were exercises in how to draw, or to assess the abilities of each student.

 Bone Drawing two

 Still Lifes

 First Attempt at self portrait. In this project we were asked to draw ourselves completely by memory and without first taking a quick look in a mirror (almost as "good" as my first attempt at painting myself lol).

 Second Attempt at a self portrait, what I love about this one is that for some reason I have my shirt off. Which, is completely out of character. I mean I don't even take off my shirt to shower. I must have been channeling my father in this portrait.

As far as the drawing goes, I will say that the likeness is better in this one. This was the final project for beginning drawing.

 My first time experimenting with charcoal, and trying to draw someone besides myself.

 Second Attempt at drawing other people. I have no idea if they look anything like the people I was trying to draw, but for the sake of my self esteem I say they are perfectly replicated! That bottom one, looks like the guy from BladeRunner, pretty sure he didn't model for us, but I can't say one way or another.

First Attempt at Drawing a pregnant woman. Also my first attempt at drawing a whole body.

 Obviously I felt bad about my attempt at drawing a body so I once again went back to just drawing faces.

 Oh man.....I should really just ignore that this one exists. I must have been having an off day. Or maybe my hand was tired from the first drawing of her.

 3rd drawing of the model. The mouth is a little screwy but I am glad I got back on track after that last drawing. Not sure how long each drawing took, but all three were done within one class period.

Oh wait, there is a fourth. You can see I attempted to sketch the body. I wish I would have done more full bodies of this model. I don't think I realized that I had to keep trying, and failing, to get anywhere. The body is way out of proportion and I probably felt like I sucked, but I should have tried harder.

I don't know, I had problems with drawing male bodies. I know this is only the head, but I actually left out the first male drawing (besides myself because I am a man damn it!!!), the one I left out is... too awful, this is actually super good compared to that horrible train wreck. I get better though.

I actually like this drawing, It kind of reminds me of something from an Alan Moore comic, perhaps "From Hell" or "The League of Extraordinary Men"

I also like this one. My only wish is that I had taken more time to finish it properly. 

I know another head shot. Trust me the bodies are coming... (sort of) but I was really focused in on trying to get heads correct. I thought that the most important thing was to draw a face and get the likeness right. Then the body could be really an afterthought.

I think I was doing what I felt comfortable doing, and it made sense to me at the time. I know now that even if you get a facial likeness down, having that head on a gumby body doesn't do anything but make the whole drawing crappy with a decent head.

You can see that I am starting to attempt bodies again. I remember this model very well, she sat in for I think about a week, maybe two weeks. She was fairly old (the above head is hers) and for some reason I got so fascinated with the texture of her skin. I didn't really want to draw bodies but I remember feeling inspired to explore. There was just so much texture and... I don't know.. history or something. LOL that sounds stupid, but it helped me get on track. 

more of the lady

I fucking ruined this drawing. I really loved it until I put that stupid, f-ing, weird, wave thing at the bottom... ugh... but at least the old lady got me inspired to draw bodies. I should go back and just darken the whole bottom.... I wish I could visit my old '04 self and kick myself in the ass.

 Look at that another full body! I wonder what the old lady model would say if she knew she was the person who gave me the confidence to start tackling the human figure. LOL, I bet as a model you don't really think you inspire or have any effect on the people who are drawing you. Maybe it would make her feel good. Hopefully she is well.

For some reason, I got into these boxes all of a sudden... everything became about being in a box, almost comic book like areas of focus.

More boxes. I actually revisited this drawing and fixed it up. Colored the background and put it in my art show.

 Look at this a body shot instead of a head! Someone's practicing!

This woman looks sort of manly in the facial construction. My fault not hers.

Here are some gestures. I think the poses were twenty or thirty seconds, the darker ones, were maybe two to five minute poses. I remember this exercise helping me so much with feeling loose and confident in getting that body shape down on the page.


Here's another drawing that I like. I felt pretty good with these. Especially the big one that is facing down.

So the pregnant lady came back after she had her baby. What I found out is that it is really difficult to draw babies. It ended up looking more alien than baby. I felt like a failure. Just when I was feeling good about my drawing skills this stupid baby came in and F-ING ruined it! I wonder how the baby would feel if it realized it ruined me. (I say it because I can't remember if it was a girl or a boy, I think a girl but who can be sure, really?)

Here's a drawing I wish I would have finished. I have no idea why it isn't more finished, perhaps I had to leave, or I was sick or who knows, but I think I had something going with this one.

 hmmm... look at that perspective drawing!

The old man came back and I dissected pieces of him and put them in boxes... I like this drawing and toyed with putting it in the art show instead of the other one, but I felt the other one was more interesting... Plus, I had that idea to add color which I thought was going to be really cool (and still do think it's cool).

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