Intermediate Life Drawing and The Pressure to Perform

This term I am taking Intermediate Life Drawing. I last took figure drawing in '04, and back then I had had only one drawing class before it (beginning drawing). I took to drawing better than I thought, but I unfortunately didn't take it serious enough. Which by that I don't mean to say that I didn't take the drawing seriously, or didn't love drawing. I in fact loved it far more than I ever thought I would. But what I do mean is that, I didn't perserve those drawings to the best of my abilities, and a lot of the drawings were done half hazerdly. Not to mention had I been smart I would have continued to draw, but I didn't.

I feel very much a beginner again. Not to mention that most of my classmates seem to have been taught how to draw in their life drawing class, what with studies of bones, muscles, shapes, and value. In my life drawing class we did none of that. I just drew what I saw. I take that back, we went over the idea of value and drawing of shapes, yet not in any great detail, and we didn't study the structure of bones or muscles.

This life drawing class focuses on that at a more advanced level, so I feel I am coming into this class at a terrible disadvantage.

I feel slightly overwhelmed because I know this class is going to be very challenging for a few reasons. One I dont know as much as I should. Two I had too long of a break between drawing classes. Three The class is taught by the same professor that I took drawing systems from, and I feel such a pressure to not suck in front of her.

But I am up for the challenge... I thought in honor of starting this new chapter in life drawing I would post my old drawings that I have pictures of so as to have some visible record for comparison.

But of course I can't find my pictures so I will need to dig around for them. They have got to be around here somewhere.

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