Digital Presentation

Here is some work I did for my digital presentation class.

 First project was to take a photo and add elements to it that weren't there to begin with. Which, because of my photoshop experience, was super easy. I mean I could do this in my sleep. The first couple of weeks of this class were extremely easy because it dealt with really basic photoshop skills.

I showed this in another post but oh well here it is again. This was the first major project we had to do, and once again it dealt with photoshop, so it was pretty easy to accomplish. The idea was to take a design of your own and combine it with another artist's to create a new work.


 So this was our second major project and we were supposed to design something that made a political statement.

There are a few illistrator designs, but I guess I do not have jpgs of those, and I currently don't own illistrator so I have no way of opening them up. Oh well. Same with a few flash files, and it seems the websites are down, but thats good because the website was really basic and not very good.

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