Self Portraits

Wow, five posts in one day, I went insane! I blame the craziness on my advanced age. I usually like to space the posts out, but I guess I just wanted to get them posted. There will be a slew of a few more when I get my paintings back, and my midterm portfolio for life drawing.

I usually have a hell of a time trying to draw myself. These aren't by any means perfect, I can see where I need to pay more attention, but I think these are pretty successful. I know I am pretty proud of them. I was so pumped while I was drawing them because things were just falling into place for me. I kept leaving the room just so I could walk in again to make sure they were actually looking like me.

I had been really nervous about drawing myself so I practiced drawing smaller versions of these every night. So when it came to getting them done I felt like I already knew the measurements and rhythm of the lines. Especially the second one, those lines evolved, Maybe Ill try to dig out a few of those.

(shoot only have one of my drawing pads, oh well)

 Here is the final drawing:

One of my practice pieces for the more dramatic piece.

Close up of the left panel.

Close up of the right panel

This is my favorite part of the right panel. I love the evolution this line went through in all my drawings.

another practice piece.


  1. Awesome self portraits dude! Well done.

  2. Why thank you! I am pretty pleased with how they came together, I think I spent probably 4-5 hours on them. I credit doing a ton of smaller versions first. I think this term, more so than any other, I am turning out some pretty decent work.